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PWC-2647 Adventurers Quay was built as an upmarket development for 226 households in Cardiff Bay. It contains a mix of properties from 1 bed flats to large duplex penthouses and town houses. Residents are a blend of owners and tenants. Adventurers Quay is landscaped with a light spacious ambiance and many properties have superb waterfront views. The site is adjacent to the Porth Teigr development and a short walk to the BBC studios, Senedd, Mermaid Quay, Millennium Centre and the Red Dragon entertainment complex. Penarth can be reached on foot across the barrage. The site is adjacent to a Cooperative local store and has good transport links. Adventurers Quay is the ideal community in Cardiff Bay community.

This site is intended as a community resource to help property owners and residents get the most out of living in the development as well as providing useful information to the public about teh development.

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